The test kit is used in order to check proper installation and operation of the fire suppression system and is used also during  periodic maintenance.


A typical test kit includes two flame simulators, four cylinder simulators and an interconnecting harness for powering the flame simulators. Components are packed in a compact sturdy and portable case. The Test Kit enables checking the system without removing the system from the vehicle. Click on the part number below to see a detailed list of parts.

PN 764803

Simulates radiation of real fire and eliminates the need to ignite fire in side an operating vehicle. The simulator is used to test the detectors' response. Click on the part number below to see outline drawing.

PN 340001

PN 760905

Simulates all possible cylinders' status (full, empty, disconnected) enabling testing of the system functionality without actual operation of the cylinders. To see outline drawing, click on the part numbers below.

PN 320002

PN 765902

PN 320102