Detecting the occurrence of the fireball at its incipient stage, when size and energy emitted by it are small enough to be controlled by suppression, is a critical factor in automatic fire protection systems. An electro-optical sensor is the quickest means to identify a fire. A special UV/IR combination provides greater sensitivity and higher speed of response while providing a high immunity to false alarms.  IR3 optical detectors are suitable for use in the engine compartment of military vehicles as well as for fire detection outside the vehicle. 


An Optical UV/IR Detector based on a microcontroller, providing an ultra rapid response, suitable for crew compartments. PN 764002

An Optical IR3 Detector based on a microcontroller, which allows the sensitivity to be adjusted, suitable for engine compartments. PN 760102

This detector controller incorporates a UV/IR detector and a controller, and can govern up to two more UV/IR detectors and two extinguishing units. It is ideal for compact systems. PN 708422

A thermistor type detector allows temperature response to be adjusted. PN 710198

A thermistor type detector provides thorough detection coverage of the protected compartment. Alarm temperature is adjustable by the controller. PN 450461