SharpEye Protects Chubb Adhesive Factory

May 2015

A contract was recently awarded by Chubb to protect machinery where hot glue is applied to adhesive tape at a world leading adhesive tape production site. These machines are considered ATEX zone 0 hazards due to the permanent presence of vapors and heat.

The SharpEye 20/20MI Mini IR3 Flame Detector was selected for this application due to the availability of this model with ATEX EExia intrinsically safe zone 0 approval when zener barriers are used. A 0-20mA signal converter was used to convert the mA output from zone 0 to a relay output in the safe area.

The 20/20MI is an economical and compact Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector with the highest immunity to false alarms, in a rugged stainless steel housing. It is available in either general purpose non-Ex approved or intrinsically safe approved (EExia) format.

here to read more about the 20/20MI Mini Flame Detector.