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Emerson Acquires Spectrex, Inc.
February 2016

A Korean car manufacturer, based in Chihuahua, Mexico, has recently installed the latest Spectrex commercial IR3 20/20MPI Flame Detector.

Emerson Acquires Spectrex, Inc.
February 2016

The largest oil refinery in the world is doubling its capacity to 1.2 million barrels a day.  

Emerson Acquires Spectrex, Inc.
September 2015

Emerson has announced that it has acquired Spectrex, Inc. to join the Rosemount® portfolio of measurement and analytical technologies. 

Texas Railyard Selects SharpEye
August 2015

A Texas railyard has recently chosen Spectrex SharpEye Flame Detectors to provide top protection. 

Hejre Oil Field Protected by SharpEye
July 2015

SharpEye 40/40I Triple IR Optical Flame Detectors have recently been selected to protect the Dong Energy Hejre Crude Stabilization Project, in Denmark.

SharpEye Protects Chubb Adhesive Factory
May 2015

A contract was recently awarded by Chubb to protect machinery where hot glue is applied to adhesive tape at a world leading adhesive tape production site.

Jem Mall Employs SharpEye Mini Detectors
March 2015

The 20/20MI Mini IR3 has recently been used to protect the Jem Mall in Singapore. 

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