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Flame Detection Techniques
What is an Optical Flame Detector?
How does an optical flame detector detect a fire?
What types of optical flame detectors are available?
What are the methods for Optical Flame Detection ?
Why are optical flame detectors so important?
What is UV Flame Detection?
What is IR Flame Detection? 
What is UV/IR Flame Detection?
What is Dual IR/IR Flame Detection?
What is Triple IR Flame Detection - IR3?
What is a CCTV Flame Detector?
How do I select the correct detector for my application?
How to locate and install
What is an optical flame detector's field of view?
What is effect on detection at greater distances? Inverse Square Law
What is the detection distance for different materials/ fuels?
What are the different 'sensitivity' settings for on the IR3 models?
How can the detector see the fire? 
How to Watch out for 'Blind Spots'?
How do I decide on the no. of detectors required?
How can a flame detector be tested?
How often should I test my Flame Detectors?
Will the detector respond to a smouldering fire?
Which detector can I use to detect a MIBK (Methyl Isobutyl Ketone) flame?
Can the IR3 be used for LPG applications?
Are your Flame Detectors solar blind?
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