Oil & Gas

Offshore platforms and FPSOs,  onshore oil refineries, processing plants, pipelines, storage farms and LPG/LNG plants all utilize or produce a wide range of hazardous flammable liquids and gases that can be detected by the Spectrex flame and gas detectors.

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

The chemical and petrochemical industry handle many hazardous toxic and combustible substances, which makes it a necessity to implement highly reliable fire and gas detection systems.


Pipelines carrying combustible hydrocarbons like oil, gasoline, and LNG/LPG (Liquefied Natural/Petroleum Gas). Liquid spills or fugitive gaseous emissions may go undetected and create hazardous concentrations of combustible and toxic gases, putting equipment, facilities, and personnel at risk.

Loading Stations

Petrochemicals and liquified gases have to be shipped from a processing plant or storage farm and be offloaded at loading stations in either gas, liquid or compressed form - all of which are highly combustible and a major hazard to any equipment or people working in or living close to these areas.

Compressor Decks

Facilities with compressors, pumps and valves also require continuous gas and flame monitoring. These areas are prone to spills and fugitive emissions that if undetected, can cause extensive damage to the entire facility.

Air Ventilation Ducts 

Safeye duct mounted open-path gas detectors provide rapid and reliable warning of ingress of combustible gases into turbine air intakes or ventilation systems.


Many processes require hydrogen generation to provide for a continuous supply. The potential exists for fire in the event of a leak or release of product or hydrogen gas.

Power Industry

Power plants utilize hydrogen as a coolant. Hydrogen leaks pose a risk to with potential for loss of life and destruction of plant. Spectrex Hydrogen Flame Detectors allow for rapid and relaible warning of invisible hydrogen fires


Spectrex SharpEye Triple IR (IR3) Optical Flame Detectors protect Paint Shops and Paint Spray Booths. These detectors cover the entire area with a solid angle of 100º and overlap with the next detector.

Mining Vehicles

large-scale industrial mining equipment is exposed to fire hazards associated with the various lubricants and fuels onboard and require fast and reliable fire detection


SharpEye Triple IR (IR3) Optical Flame Detector allows the aircraft hangar designers to meet military and commercial requirements for reliable fire detection with improved immunity to false alarms and wider coverage of the protected area.

Paint Industry

The paint industry employs many flammable hydrocarbon solvents in the various coating and painting processes thus requiring special fire protection means

Waste Treatment

Spectrex Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detection can monitor waste disposal sites including every corner of the waste pits , and activate powerful fire extinguishing at the first sign of trouble


Spectrex Flame and Gas Detection protects pharmaceutical plant form the fire and explosion risks posed by the many solvents and combustible materials used.


Flame and Gas monitoring is required for the protection of personnel and equipment at Semiconductor Facilities. There are a variety of combustible hazards associated with the industry.